Spring means summer, summer means Knoebels

Vicky Kramer
Staff Writer

April 3, 2014

After a long, cold winter, we can finally say spring has arrived. Or at least it’s trying to. Lock Haven reached temperatures in the high 60s this week. This warmer weather has many thinking about their upcoming summer plans. A lot of people have a certain tradition or a specific memory that makes them think of the summer.

For me, it has always been Knoebels Amusement Resort. Living only 10 miles away from Knoebels, it has always been a summer staple for my family. With opening day around the corner, that means summer is not far off. I have also been an employee at Knoebels since the spring of 2006, and it is what my spring and summers mostly consist of.

There is no greater feeling during the summer than working at an amusement park where you are surrounded by great rides, delicious food and fun games. Walking through the park on a daily basis, I am constantly reminded of the sounds and smells of summer. Whether it is the sweet scent of cotton candy, the scrumptious scent of Kettle Korn, screams from the people riding the Phoenix roller coaster or the excitement of winning a round of derby races, all signify summer to me.

I can hardly remember a summer where Knoebels has not been a major part of my life. For nine seasons, I have dedicated my time and efforts to satisfying customers by working in food service at Knoebels. As with any job, there are good and bad days and it can be frustrating when trying to deal with an unhappy customer or on a day when we cater to more than 10,000 people.

Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoy coming back each and every summer to work at a place that we are very fortunate to have in central Pennsylvania, not to mention so close even to LHU. Even though it is only April, summer is closer than it seems. Keep your hopes high and get your adrenaline going. And remember, we only have a few more weeks of classes until we are out for the summer and summer vacation officially begins! You’ll know where to find me.


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