The Album Arena: Rapturous notes from MSMR album remix

Spencer McCoy
Staff Writer

April 3, 2014

MSMRs first album “Second Hand Rapture” was released early May of last year. A little less than a year later and were greeted with a small remix album that packs a major punch. “Second Hand ^2 the Remixes” wasn’t advertised as much as their first album but it may not have been needed.

“Think of you”, “Hurricane, Fantasy”, and “Bones” seemed to be the most popular songs off their album last year and managed to make the cut of songs to be remixed. “Think of you” and “Fantasy” were both remixed twice making a total of six songs. “Hurricane-Goldroom” remix was my favorite off “Second Hand ^2”.

Although I think all of the songs were really good and it was tough to try and pick a favorite. Each one seemed to fit any kind of mood you are in, and were just generally happy songs. I like it when bands that release smaller incomplete albums. This creates a nice space in timing to work up to the release of another full album later on. Luckily for us, MSMR capitalized on just that. If you are a fan of electronic, or any form of dance music this album is right up your alley.

MSMR and the artists they worked with on remixing the songs did a great job of doing it. I was a little sceptical before listening to this due to past experiences of crappy remixes of songs that didn’t need to be remixed in the first place. I can honestly say that I didn’t expect the slow mellow lyrics of these songs to be transformed into upbeat dance songs that would find a nice spot on any party playlist.

This album was pretty spot on. I think the production was done well and it seems like MSMR is still headed in the right direction with their music. However I wish there were more tracks featured than just the six we got to hear, and unfortunately the album is only 20 minutes long. I had been hoping for more but any remix of a song usually cuts outs a lot of the original work, sometimes making it shorter. Hopefully we can expect more from MSMR soon but for now were stuck with this brief montage of remixes.


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