Viva la Writing Center

Megan Penny
Guest Writer

April 3, 2014

Do you ever get a paper back, only to have it completely marked with grammatical errors? Does spell check sometimes do you wrong?

For many students, an essay assignment is the beginning of a grammar, mechanics and formatting-filled headache. And that’s outside of content and the mysterious element known as “flow” that professors are always talking about. Inside of Stevenson Library is an incredible resource that many students don’t even know exists.

The Writing Center on the second floor is a necessary pit stop for all students who have papers to write. Whether you consider yourself a proficient writer who just needs help with formatting or just have trouble making your thoughts flow, the Writing Center can help. Until recently, I wasn’t even aware that this resource was available.

This semester, I’ve brought two of my papers to the Writing Center and I’ve never felt more confident turning in an assignment. Not only do you get feedback on how to make your current paper better—the tutors there explain everything to you, so that you can write better in the future. I’m just upset I didn’t get to them sooner!

We all know that schoolwork can be extremely stressful, but if it’s a paper that is weighing you down, it’s always helpful to have someone else look over it. The Writing Center will be your second set of eyes. You will feel more at ease turning in a paper when you know you’ve taken the initiative to revise it a few times. So, next time you’re not sure if your paper is worthy of an A, please take some time to visit the Writing Center. You’ll be thankful that you did!


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