Why ‘Almost Human’ should be renewed

Kathleen Ellison
A&E Editor

April 3, 2014

While a number of Fox shows have seen renewals the new sci-fi crime drama “Almost Human” has not yet been gifted with a second season, leaving many to speculate an impending cancellation. An event not totally unexpected given the low ratings it received, especially for the last two episodes.

The unique drama created by J.H. Wyman features a future where rapid growth in technology has resulted in a sudden and widespread increase in crime rates. To combats this danger all police officers must partner with an android. The story centers on John Kennex (Karl Urban) a troubled detective who recently woke up from a coma with memory loss, and his partner Dorian (Michael Ealy) a special android with a “synthetic soul”.

Not only does the show feature fantastic special effects, but the very world-building aspect of show creates a strong element that separates it from most dramas. Between mentions of “chromes” (genetically enhanced humans), sexbots, or the mysterious wall (which is a giant wall around the city) “Almost Human” creates an enticing setting that is sure to provide plenty of material for future seasons, a worthy aspect for renewal.

The sci-fi setting also allows for exploration of a wide variety of topics not normally scene in crime dramas, and those that are in a whole new light. An example of this is the “chromes” and its relationship to class.

Besides the setting, the acting is beyond impressive, with interesting character development and interaction between Dorian and Kennex. Dorian’s genuine kindness and sly humor never fail to compliment Kennex’s dry and rough personality.

This promising show has plenty of opportunities for world expansion as well plot opportunities. Despite low ratings it has received generally positive reviews, and deserves a renewal.

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