Diamonds show is anything but rough

Kayla Marsh
A&E Editor

April 10, 2014

On April 2 Diamonds N Da Ruff held their biannual dance show. The night was filled with incredible dance routines from this dedicated group of performers. The theme of the show this semester was “Diamond Explosion.” And that is exactly what they gave us.

The entire night was exploding with talent. The set up of this show was different from the show the group performed last semester. Last semester the group stuck strictly to dancing with their spooky Hansel and Gretel theme. This semester’s show was not only filled with energetic dancing and bass-thumping music but it was also filled with beautiful singing and riveting spoken word.

People were brave enough to perform their own work and they were greeted with thunderous applause. The diamonds danced to a wide variety of music. They opened with a medley of Chris Brown songs. The dance quickly set the mood for the night, which was electric and energetic. The first act was filled with more medleys from artists like Usher and Janet Jackson. The end of the first act was clearly the crowd favorite.

The diamonds did a medley of song from TLC. But they didn’t just stop at the songs, the diamonds dressed accordingly for each song in the medley. As the music progressed through the ages so did the diamonds’ fashion. This, by far, was the best touch to add to the iconic girl groups’ music, and it was executed to perfection. The second act opened with a burlesque number, which was the perfect mix of sexy and sassy, which the diamonds do frequently.

The second act was just as exhilarating as the first. Song after song, act after act the diamonds exhibit the incredible amount of they all possess. Like act one, the second act was also filled with singing, dancing and just talent galore. The dedication of the girls in this group is apparent. All of their hard work paid off and they were rewarded with a show that the audience thoroughly enjoyed and can’t stop raving about. If anyone missed the show this Saturday, you missed an entertaining show with an incredible amount of talent. I recommend you check the diamonds out, wherever or whenever they are.

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