The Album Arena: Hutchinson’s good tunes are ‘purely fictional’

Spencer McCoy
Staff Writer

April 10, 2014

Eric Hutchinson has been quickly rising the ranks of popularity since 2007 when he released his first album “Sounds Like This.” Well in 2013 he released “Pure Fiction” and it sort of seemed to not take off as much as he may have expected. I hadn’t even heard of the album until recently after browsing Spotify one night.

“Pure Fiction” was nice. It’s got a very poppy, folky theme that seems to work pretty well. I have been a fan of Eric Hutchinson for a little while listening to some hit singles he had come out with. This was the first time I decided to listen to one of his albums all the way through, and to be honest I was not disappointed. It seems they did a pretty good job on the overall design of most of the songs. Featuring different forms of synthesizers and electronic beats that seem to go nicely with the bands instruments.

To be honest I did feel as if many of the tracks on the album were similar in some aspects. One song would be about his love for some girl, and the next song right after explains how much he doesn’t love her. In my opinion I think Eric should have made a clear definition of his love for this person instead of filling an album flip flopping back and forth between both sides.

The band also sounds as if they were instructed to play the same style of song on each track just change up the chords a bit. Eric Hutchinson definitely paid more attention to the electronic music on “Pure Fiction”. A lot of “Pure Fiction” sounds like many other pop rock songs. If you are into that than this album is A OK in your book, for the rest of us I would suggest youtubing it first and make your decision that way. I personally feel split on this album, part of me really likes it, but part of me feels like Eric could have done a bit more. Every artist stumbles, lets hope that Eric Hutchinson and his band can bounce back, learn from their mistakes and release a better, more technical album.


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