Eleven things only well endowed women understand

Dayna Bloch
Managing Editor

April 17, 2014

With big power comes big responsibility; such as constantly pulling up your top or struggling to find a blouse that buttons how it’s supposed to. To some it may seem like a gift from the gods but being ‘busty’ isn’t always as glorious as it’s made out to be.

1. Even two sports bras isn’t always enough when it comes to exercising. And running, forget about it.

2. Realizing your button-down is gaping is like finding out you had food stuck in your teeth all day, only worse.

3. Triangle and strapless bikinis are more of a fond memory from elementary school than a current reality.

4. Trusting a strapless bra is the definition of risk.

5. It can feel like a personal attack when a guy admits to being an a**-man, even if you don’t know him.

6. Tank-tops and V-necks on you look more like an application to Hooters than a just an attempt at a cute outfit.

7. Saying you’ve never found crumbs in your cleavage is a complete lie.

8. Bra shopping is just about enough to send you over the edge. Not to mention the cute patterns rarely come in your size.

9. Cross-body bags and seat belts either cut your top in two or snuggle up into your armpit, neither of which is exactly comfortable.

10. Even in a turtle-neck you have more of a sexual-appearance about you just because of your cup size.

11. No matter what, you can’t deny that you love them.


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