Hearthway introduces new job-search web site

Kate Hibbard
News Editor

April 17, 2014

State secretary of labor and industry Julia Hearthway visited campus Friday to explain a new job search tool called Job Gateway.

She said the web site is meant to help job seekers and employers more easily connect.

The career search site works by pulling job ads from Monster, Indeed and other job-hunting tools online.

It can also pull from registered companies, meaning whenever a company releases a new ad on its web site, it will also appear on Job Gateway.

There are currently more than 215,000 open positions featured on the site.

The search options on the web site vary for maximum performance. Users can search potential jobs based on location, salary, job description, field and more. Hearthway said it’s very user-friendly to help those who aren’t so tech-savvy.

“Pennsylvania has a rich labor pool,” Hearthway said. “Part of the problem is connecting employers with the labor force.”

Other new features Hearthway spotlighted include Career Coach and Big Interview.

Career Coach is a site customized to fit the commonwealth’s job pool. It shows statistics including what careers are in demand in a specified area and the average salaries for those careers.

For those who truly do not know what type of career would be a good match for them, there are skills and interest assessments to help them get a better idea.

Career Coach also offers tips for résumé building and sample cover letters.

Hearthway said the department is working on trying to define skill sets for different employers.

There is already a program in place for veterans, through which veterans can plug in their military job codes and learned skill sets in order to apply them to civilian terms.

Hearthway said this would be a good way for people to take their talents and apply them to the job world.

For students, Hearthway said she hopes to implement a similar search tool for finding internships.

“I think that’s a very good idea, a project for 2015,” she said.

Big Interview is meant to help job seekers prepare for job interviews. It offers frequently asked questions and some recommended answers to those questions.

It also allows users to go through a mock interview with a video recording. These trials can be copied so the user may review his or her work. Users may even share the videos with others to get advice on how they performed.

Hearthway invites everyone to check out the program and test the free tools available. Surf around, see what you like and give us feedback, she said.

“Job Gateway is a very robust program,” Hearthway said. “Just log on.”

Despite its robustness, Job Gateway will not be taking place of careerlink centers, or “the human element.”

“It’s a tool to be utilized,” Hearthway said. “Technology can only take you so far.”

To check out Job Gateway, go to jobgateway.pa.gov.


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