Students welcome warm weather with frozen treats and frisbees

Kyra Smith-Cullen
News Editor

April 17, 2014

Students were invited to attend a celebration of winter’s end on Russell Lawn on April 14.

“It was a good break from classes to regroup and have fun,” said Lilly Sleiman, a senior majoring in communication.

The event had students lining up for ice cream, T-shirts, beach balls proclaiming “I survived ‘Winter 2014’ @ the Haven” and frisbees. There were also hula hoops and other games available to play.

“I had a lot of fun with my friends and the free gifts were a bonus! The ice cream was great and I thought the event was well planned,” said Kiara Dunne, a freshman majoring in physics.

Though it was warm and sunny while the event was held, it later turned to rain and even flurried the next day. All Mother Nature’s way of reminding Lock Haven that, in central Pa, nothing is over until she says it is.

Photos courtesy of Kyra Smith-Cullen
spring 2

spring 1


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