The Album Arena: The future looks grim for Future’s “Honest” album

Spencer McCoy
Staff Writer

April 17, 2014

Nayvadius Cash, more commonly known as Future is a rapper from Atlanta, Georgia who made his first appearance back in 2010 is back with his latest album “Honest” set to release April, 22. Well, yesterday, “Honest” was leaked and it’s being streamed on MTV’s website for fans to hear a week before the album drops.

“Honest” features quite a few rappers that really help Future stand out and hone in on his skills as a rapper. The album features guests such as Pharell, Pusha T, Wiz Khalifa, and a few others. This was the first time I had ever heard Future and didn’t really know what to expect. I went in expecting good things and left feeling pretty disappointed.

The songs on the album that featured other artists were the best songs on the album mainly because they really helped keep the song fresh and interesting. If you can manage to get passed the incredibly over done autotune the album isn’t so bad. But unfortunately for us every song on “Honest” is sort of a repeat of the same beat and lyrics.For most of the album Fortune isn’t even rapping. He continues to repeat the same lyrics over and over for each individual song. It’s no wonder Fortune needed so many guests on his album, because they would be doing most of the rapping.

The intro for “Honest” was great. The first song on the album is definitely the best. But after that the album really falls off. I found after about track 5 it was really hard to get through each song. Track 7, “Never Satisfied,” was horrible. It’s not very often I hate a song but this song managed to do it. The rest of the album followed track number 7 as equally bad.

I’m amazed Future can release an album like this even with all the hype it was receiving. If you decide to not listen to this album you won’t be missing out, it’s pretty bad. It sounds rushed and unfinished. There was so much auto tune on the album it makes T-Pain sound like he never used it. There were one or two songs I liked, but as for the rest of the album I would say turn around and run the other way.


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