Get a tattoo to benefit charity

Kate Hibbard
News Editor

April 24, 2014

tattooHave you been itching to get some new ink but don’t know what to get or where to go?

Check out the Silver Shamrock tattoo shop on Bellefonte Ave this Saturday, April 26.

The Shamrock is offering a special on awareness ribbons of all sorts. Freddie Wadsworth, the owner, and his co-tattooer Zach Spotts have designed multiple versions of the awareness ribbon and will charge only $40 per tattoo.

Half of the proceeds from each tattoo will go towards the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in the name of toddler Kahner Stewart, who was born with the disease. Members of the Stewart family will also be at the shop Saturday accepting donations.

Kahner Stewart was born October 3, 2012 and diagnosed on October 25, according to the Pray for Kahner Facebook page.

The tattoos are about one and one half inches by two and one half inches. The designs cannot be changed, but they can be done in any color to suit the cause you’re supporting.

When Wadsworth figured out the details with the Stewarts, they originally thought about just doing Cystic Fibrosis ribbons. But Wadsworth decided to expand the variety of ribbons people can get.

“We can cover so much more ground,” he said. “We can make it so much more inclusive.”

The tattooers expect to see at least 50 people at the shop, which would equate to about $2,000. If these expectations are met, the Stewart family could be looking at a minimum of $1,000 in donations.

These awareness ribbons are a great way to show your support for any friends, family or other loved ones who are fighting against any disease and for those who have lost their fight.

The event is walk-in only – no appointments will be made. The special starts at noon on Saturday and will run as long as it has to.

“I don’t have a bed time,” Wadsworth said.


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