2014 Wildcat Comic Con in Williamsport

The Pennsylvania College of Technology held their third annual Wildcat Comic Con Saturday, Sept. 28. The event was attended by vendors and artists selling everything from retro Nintendo 64 games to hand drawn prints. In addition there was video game testing, face painting, and caricature drawings.


The Vault: Five reasons James Brown is still relevant to this day

Within the dark recesses of the vault behind the excellence that is Funk music is the amazing artist James Brown, the artist that everyone knows about without realizing they know about. The artist that makes you want to get up and dance!

Students discuss discrimination among the same races in event

Sept 25 in the Hall of Flags, The Black Student Union and The Sophisticated Ladies are hosting an event. The clubs are coming together to host a debate that is prominent in the African-American community. The debate entitled, “50 Shades of Black,” will address the issue of light skin versus dark skin.

From Amanda with Love

“To Joe from Amanda with Love,” read the post-it note attached to a mixtape found in the dark depths of a box in the Eagle Eye. Who Joe or Amanda are is still a mystery. But I’m certain they're not here any more to reveal themselves either. I wasn’t even sure who the artist was on the CD until I popped it into my PC. I haven’t heard of The CO-OP and apparently neither has google.