Wawa vs. Sheetz debate is over

Nicole Creamer
Staff Writer


Photo courtesy of philly.com

Photo courtesy of philly.com

Around campus I always hear people talk about both Wawa and Sheetz and arguing about which one is better, like people do with Coke and Pepsi. However, I don’t understand the argument.

I grew up with Wawa. Wawa is located in eastern Pennsylvania near Philadelphia and its surrounding areas. These areas are filled with people who want fast service and don’t want to look through a big menu (as I know from experience living around Philadelphia).

As for Sheetz, they are located more toward central and western Pennsylvania. People from these parts seem to be more on the relaxed side and less fast paced. Both Wawa and Sheetz have to please their own customers based on the preferences in those areas.

Coming to Lock Haven and only having Sheetz after growing up with Wawa made me hesitant to see what Sheetz was all about. After going though, I realized that Wawa and Sheetz, although similar in some senses are actually very different.

First of all, very few Wawa locations offer a gas station whereas most, if not all Sheetz locations have them. So Sheetz is like a two-stop shop.

Second, the food selection is completely different. Sheetz has a lot more fried food and Wawa focuses on their sandwiches and even has a “Hoagie Fest.”

Photo courtesy of fullycoveredsports.com

Photo courtesy of fullycoveredsports.com

Third, the atmosphere is different. Wawa is more of a general store–in and out. It’s more for business type people who need a quick lunch. On the other hand, Sheetz feels like it can be a hangout spot to sit outside and talk with friends.

These aren’t the only keys to the never-ending argument. You also have to look at which a person knows better.

Growing up with Wawa and not having anything else like it and then bringing Sheetz into the mix really makes a person freak out. They have known Wawa their whole life and now there is a store like it. So it has to be worse because it’s not Wawa.

The same goes for people who grew up with Sheetz; if they go to a place where Wawa is the only thing around they are biased as well because Sheetz is all they know.

Ultimately, it should be understood that Wawa and Sheetz aren’t exactly the same so comparing them is like comparing apples and oranges. I prefer Wawa. Does that mean I hate Sheetz? Absolutely not! I’m eating tater tots from Sheetz as I write this (I just really enjoy hoagies which is why I prefer Wawa)!

So before you debate that Sheetz or Wawa lover and go to tear their argument to shreds remember this: Wawa and Sheetz are not the same. They are similar, but ultimately not the same.


One thought on “Wawa vs. Sheetz debate is over

  1. Viggo says:

    Dogs and Hitler aren’t the same, but I know dogs are better than Hitler. Just because two things differ does not disable you from being able to compare the pros and cons of each option and believing one side is better.

    Republicans and Democrats have different beliefs and agendas. People can choose which side they believe is better, and can argue their beliefs. One may or may not be better, but clearly the differences are what makes people believe one is.

    The argument is not over, and it never will be. Try not to be dismissive.

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