Keep your emails classy

Nicole Creamer
Staff Writer
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Here’s the dilemma: emails are supposed to be used in a professional way, yet I receive emails from group members and even professors that are sent from their phones and the professionalism gets thrown out the window.

Emails have long been accepted as a professional way of contacting an employer or a professor. Texting is all about a quick message that is supposed to go to friends or family. Once you start sending an email like a text on your phone, it takes away the professional aspect of it.

It’s not that I am opposed to sending an email using your phone; it’s that I am opposed to emailing like you would text. By this I mean sending “u” instead of “you” or not using proper punctuation. I have personally received emails that make no sense because the person must have been walking and trying to send the email at the same time and they obviously acted like they were texting a buddy of theirs. You wind up with text abbreviations and wrongly auto-corrected words and phrases.

The emails I send from my phone are more professional looking. I try to make them look the same that they would if I was sitting at my desk writing them on my laptop.

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Some people, understandably, are in a rush and are so busy that they have to send quick speedy emails. It’s my belief however that sending that quick of emails (that look and read like quick emails) gives the receiver the wrong impression. It gives the impression that you don’t really care about the email and that it shouldn’t matter to the receiver of the email either. In reality, most emails are important to look at, but some don’t pay any mind to emails that look sloppy.

Some professors won’t even email you back if your email isn’t appropriate. College is about establishing networks and creating connections between people that you can use in your future endeavors. If you’re sending emails that are from your phone and you send them like a text message, you aren’t showing yourself off; instead you are placing yourself in a negative light as the person who isn’t qualified to have an important role in a workplace.

Next time you send an email from your phone, think about whom it is going to and why you need to send the email in the first place. You never know which emails could impress (or turn off) just the right person!


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