Lona’s Local Looks: Leo’s Deli

Lona Middleton
Copy Editor

2This month’s restaurant review is for a local deli right here in Lock Haven, Leo’s Deli. It has been a family owned business for 20 years and the locals as well as many college students love it. The menu is select but not limited. They serve subs, sandwiches, wraps and grilled paninis. The lighting is slightly dim compared to most other places but it has a nice ambiance. The classic Italian wall décor is tasteful rather than tacky.

This is one of those places you simply feel welcome in. The price range for the food is reasonable and ranges from $6 to $12. The food is fantastic. I have been here a couple of times and never had any complaints. The last time I ordered a grilled Italian panini and was not disappointed. The food is fresh and the meats are Boar’s Head brand, very reliable as far as quality goes.

UntitledThere are a few things you should know about Leo’s though. First is that if you wish to dine in then you must order by 4pm The business closes at 5pm and any orders after 4pm will have to be for takeout only. It is a cash only business so bring a bit more than you think you will spend. Why? There is a very nice selection of homemade cookies and other delicacies you may wish to partake in after you finish your meal. They are also quite good.

If you are looking for a place that is close and local, I would highly recommend Leo’s Deli at 129 E. Main St. The food is always good and the people that work there are very nice. Go in, order, sit down and then wait for them to bring you good fresh authentic Italian deli foods that won’t kill your budget.

Photos Courtesy of Lona Middleton


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