The Vault: RoboCop VS The Terminator

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Remember Space Jam? Remember Star Fox? Remember those treasures locked away in a dusty vault of nostalgia? Well we’re here to pull them out again, because let’s face it some of us college students are poor and can’t afford the new game or movie ticket.

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Within the dark recesses of the vault behind many movies that made us questions artificial intelligence is the little cross over gem that is “RoboCop VS The Terminator”.

With its roots in the two well known movies, and loosely based off the 1992 four-issue comic book of the same name, this game was released across multiple game platforms between the years of 1991 and 1995. But why should we bother plating a game this old (for reasons other then the awesome name)? I’m here to tell you why!


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The gameplay, while a little funky at first, becomes fun and easy after the first few minutes of playing. Like most of these old games, it is a side-scroller. However, that’s where the differences between this game and many current third-person shooting games end.

Playing as RoboCop, you start out in a ruined city, protecting yourself against the different Terminators who are trying to destroy you. Starting out with a basic pistol, you soon gain more weapons as you play, including a rocket launcher! While the ammo is unlimited, thanks to the limits of programming twenty years ago, it still adds a fun twist to the game. Want to make it more difficult? Try playing through the entire game with the starting pistol!

The Story

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Loosely based off of the 1992 four-issue comic book, “RoboCop VS The Terminator”, this old game is not lacking in story. The cut scenes look like comic book pages, complete with panels and word bubbles. Time travel also makes its appearance in this game, which is not surprising when looking at the Terminator series.

While this game takes most of its story from The Terminator series, as opposed to RoboCop (the character who you play), it is still very interesting. Another really cool thing about this game is that the story changes a little depending on which system you play this game on!

It’s RoboCop VS. The Terminator

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Just the idea of the game itself should suck you in, especially if you’re a fan of science fiction. These two concepts were huge when the movies came out, so to combine them together to make a video game? Epic.

Both RoboCop and the different Terminators he fights against are powerful in their own rights, making this game a lot of fun. Neither of the two forces where made weaker in this game, staying true to their movie counter parts.

So, if you’re looking for an epic Science Fiction Game, check out “RoboCop Versus The Terminator”.

Play it here!

The SNES Version

The Genisis Version


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