Popular television writer preaches equal representation

Quanya Myers
Staff Writer


Photo of complex.com

Photo of complex.com

I’ve said this numerous times that Shonda Rhimes is by far one of the greatest television writers of all time. She’s amazing to say the least. Shonda Rhimes is an African-American screenwriter, director and producer. She’s best known as the creator of the infamous medical drama television series “Grey’s Anatomy”. Rhimes hailed from Chicago, Ill. She has an undergraduate degree from Dartmouth and a Masters in Fine Arts from the incomparable University of Southern California.

“Scandal” is the highly addictive political ABC hit drama starring the incomparable Kerry Washington. The show is where deplorable Monica Lewinsky-esque love affairs and the corrupted American government collide.  Looks like ABC has finally found another No.1 drama as “Scandal” constantly demolishes “Grey’s Anatomy” in ratings.

Photo courtesy of sandrarose.com

Photo courtesy of sandrarose.com

Clearly Shonda Rhimes is the only one who could possibly outdo her. “How To Get Away With Murder” outshined “Scandal” in its opening week. This is a legal drama series depicting a group of ambitious law students and their merciless overly aggressive criminal defense professor Annalise Keating played by the unparalleled Viola Davis.

In the 21st century we’re still living in a society where the lack of diversity on prime time television is still a prominent issue. Thankfully, Shonda Rhimes and ABC are seemingly combating tactless systematic racism with these fall television shows. “Grey’s Anatomy” is known as being one of the most diverse television shows of all time, “Scandal” has an African American female lead and “How To Get Away With Murder” features and African American female lead, a strong presence of all people of color and an LGBT lead.

“We’re a little pissed off because there still needs to be an award. Like, there’s such a lack of people hiring women and minorities that when someone does it on a regular basis, they are given an award,” said Shonda.


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