Procrastination: Silent life-ruiner

Nicole Creamer
Staff Writer
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Procrastination: a college student’s best friend and worst nightmare (best friend because you can go have fun with your friends and be carefree, but worst nightmare because you are stuck staying up until all hours of the night trying to write a paper you “forgot” about).

It’s never a fun time when you are on your fourth cup of coffee and yet you are still trying not to fall asleep on top of your laptop. Procrastination is the worst habit to have because it messes up more than your sleep. You find yourself procrastinating on more than that one paper or assignment. Soon it will be that one exam or that one job application.

This semester has personally been one of my worst and it’s only a little over halfway done. I have been procrastinating on everything and my lack of sleep is slowly catching up to me. I find myself forgetting to do things (those of you who know me know that I don’t forget anything school-related). This semester is different however; I’m a junior and yet I feel like senioritis is hitting me hard.

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Sadly, procrastinating is a hard habit to kick. If college wasn’t so stressful then maybe students wouldn’t feel as tempted to procrastinate. I know some people who put off assignments because they know it will be hard or they will need a lot of time. And then when the time comes, they are still struggling to get it done. I really don’t understand that logic, but heck, I procrastinate too!

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Yes, college classes can be annoying and difficult but procrastinating will only make it worse. If you think college is hard, wait until there is no more college. You will be out in the real world having a grand old time and you won’t be able to push important things until the last minute. It’s not like you can say, “Honey the baby can wait until tomorrow—the game’s on.” Priorities will take over and procrastination will fade into a rare occasion.

Get ready guys: these college years got nothing on what’s to come! You will either be ready or not. You will either change your bad habits or get fired. The real world isn’t as forgiving as some professors are.


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