44MAG shoots for European tour

Kate Hibbard
Managing Editor


44MAG, a Williamsport-based metal band, is heading to Europe for a 14-date tour this December. And, to help offset costs, the band has set up a fundraising campaign via the website indiegogo.com, where visitors can donate a select amount to their cause.

Donations will help pay for European transportation, airline tickets and fees, as well as gear throughout the tour.

Front-man and 2007 LHU alumnus Jared Mondell said asking for donations is a rarity for the band. Throughout the band’s 16 years, this is the first fundraiser they’ve attempted.

“This is the biggest thing we’ve ever done,” Mondell said. “The issue is always with financing. Money. We’ve been a very do-it-yourself band.”

10646947_10154620241030646_5573319487245869071_nOver the years, 44MAG has released multiple CDs and played hundreds of shows. Though the band as a whole draws from metal greats such as Pantera, Metallica, Black Sabbath and Slayer, each band member has a pool of talent from which they draw their own influences.

“The cool thing about this band is we all have our own influence,” Mondell said. “A lot of people were like, ‘They’re a metal band… but not.’ We like that about what we do.”

When it comes to writing music, each member contributes. Often, rummer Jesse Roedts will play his own beat, then bassist Jason Miller will add in his two cents while guitarist Pat Cioffi jumps in. The lyrics are also a collective effort.

“The writing process is very open,” Miller said. “Sometimes we just sit in a room and play until something comes together. We’re very receptive to listening to ideas.”

10532336_10154422003180646_260638731857602243_n“It’s very organic,” Mondell added.

While in Europe, 44MAG will perform in Germany, Poland, Belgium and the Netherlands. Their tour begins Dec. 4 and will close Dec. 21.

In an attempt to gain awareness for both their tour and their indiegogo.com campaign, which will stay open until Nov. 1, they will hold three final shows before heading overseas.

  •      Nov. 1 at the Loyalsock Hotel
  •      Nov. 22 at the American Legion in Montoursville
  •      Nov. 29 at The Mill in Montoursville

Their final show of the year in Montoursville will be the band’s “going away” bash and will include local indie rock band Moxie & Rebel as well as the Pottsville-based metal band Faith in Exile.

To check out the band and help them with their campaign, go to their Facebook, Twitter or indiegogo.

You can also find out more about the band here!

Photos courtesy of 44MAG’s Facebook


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