Students work to help local SPCA

Kathleen Ellison
Online Editor
Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

A group of Lock Haven University students worked together to raise money and awareness for the Clinton County SPCA on Tuesday, Oct. 28. The group’s Changing for SPCA event included a moving truck with live musicians.

Students Leah Bower and Eric Muse performed for the event, while people were able to give change. The group hoped to raise awareness for the SPCA since this time of year is particularly critical for stray animals who are more at risk for harm and death from cold weather.

The group, who call themselves Sabrina & Co., include Sabrina Evers (Health Sciences, senior),
Sabrina Yohe (Accounting and Business, senior), Genevieve Beatty (Communication, junior), Branden Tyger (Middle Level Education Mathematics, junior), Reggie Jones (Psychology, senior), and Autumn Hodapp (Health Sciences, pre-PA program, junior).

“I think that as global citizens, it is necessary that we help those that we share the world with. Including it’s animals” said Genevieve Beatty, a member of Sabrina & Co. “Our happiness as people hinges on the happiness of the global community.”

The group will be bringing a dog from the SPCA to campus this Saturday to weigh the amount of change collected against the dog.


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