Follow your bliss, actively

Lona Middleton
Copy Editor


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We all have interests and passions. It’s part of what makes us individuals and interesting ones at that. There is something that deep down inside you are obsessed with. Maybe obsession is too strong a word for many people, but not with me. I have a rather unhealthy obsession with Edgar Allan Poe and anyone that knows me, whether they want to or not. It is an affliction I have gladly suffered with since I was ten, so many years ago.

I am sure many of you suffer with similar issues whether it be a literary hero, a love of the graphic novel, admiration of the art of anime, trains, planes or automobiles. We all seem to have something that really gets us excited. So, do something about it.

The beginning of this month, I took a trip to Boston to see a statue dedication to E.A.Poe and a walking tour of Poe’s Boston. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever done. To put this in perspective, I have lived in two different countries and four different states. I have met the leader of the Cherokee Nation and a former leader of this country both when he was a governor and a president. Yet, I say this with all seriousness: nothing compared to being immersed into the world of one of the most influential writers I have ever had the pleasure to be obsessed with.

What I am trying to tell you all is that when you go somewhere or experience something that has a direct correlation to something you love, it is life-changing. There I go again with the huge leaps. It may not be life-changing, but it will be one of the best memories you will make.

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If you happen to be an anime or comic book/graphic novel aficionado then save up the money and go to one of the big comicons. Hit up Boston, Baltimore or New York and revel in the noise and colors of the crowd knowing they share the same passion you do. If you are like me and love literature or a specific author, go and walk the streets they walked. Take a tour of their haunts and breathe in the air that inspired them–it may inspire you.

There is something out there for every passion we have. When you take the time to put yourself into an environment where you are surrounded by like-minded people, it is almost ethereal.

If you have something you love or are passionate about, don’t just sit around and talk about it; do something, go somewhere and meet others that share your enthusiasm. It really is a chance to make memories that will continue to inspire you and fuel your love for whatever it is you are passionate about, for many years to come.


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