Season of birth determines dopamine levels

Lona Middleton
Copy Editor


Photo courtesy of reflects

Photo courtesy of reflects

There are many people, some you may know, that put a great deal of stock into Astrology or the idea that the movements of the stars and other celestial bodies can have an influence on our daily lives. Scientists for the most part, do not indulge in said belief and it has been relatively sidelined in the scientific world as hokum.

That is until recently when a study done at Semmelweis University in Budapest may have significant evidence to show that what season you were born in could influence your personality. Xenia Gonda , the lead researcher, presenting the findings at  European College of Neuropsychopharmacology Congress in Berlin a little over a week ago.

Before you get all excited that this could be a real push for Astrology as a scientific discipline, this is more a case of correlation not causation. What the group is trying to see is of there is a genetic marker that is in some way related to what season a person is born in and their likelihood to develop certain mood disorders.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

They are trying to see if there is a connection between mood disorders such as SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and the season a person is born in. The main idea is that a pregnant mother could be influenced by seasons with such disorders as SAD and thus different levels in chemicals such as serotonin would influence the unborn child and its likelihood to also develop said disorders later in its life.

The study was able to match 400 test subjects to the season they were born in by the levels of serotonin and dopamine in their adult selves. The researchers believe that this is a good indicator that the season you are born in has a lasting effect on a persons personality and chances of developing a mood disorder in their adult years.

I still wouldn’t be throwing my mood dependency into the Astrology pool but it seems as if there may actually be some scientific evidence that you and I are both influenced by the season in which we were born, for better or for worse.


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