Ten spooky shows for your Halloween night

Kathleen Ellison
Online Editor

Happy Halloween everyone! I’m sure most of you after a fruitful night of trick-or-treating are going to sit on the couch and watch some classy horror movies like “Pinnochio’s Revenge” or “The ABC’s of Death”, but if your interested in trying something a little different how about instead of a bunch of movies you binge watch some television.

10. “Supernatural”

“Supernatural” is filled to the brim with spooky monsters and curses, and even better it has beautiful funny and weird episodes to help with the fear fever of Halloween spookiness. The first season has the best creepy episodes and I totally recommend episode two “Wendigo” or episode five “Bloody Mary”.

9. “Constantine”

This brand new show on NBC is quite the treat with amazing special effects and creepy demons. It premiered last week and tonight’s episode (which will be on at 10) is sure to be good. Go on go watch the first episode you know you want to. Before you know it you’ll be running around in a trench coat being a master of the dark arts.

8. “Dark Shadows”

Before the outrageous Tim Burton and Jonny Depp movie this show was the show to watch. This spooky drama features the tormented Collins family in Colinsport Maine and quite the array of strange creatures, including the famed vampire Barnabas. Like candy corn it’s not that great and yet you can’t stop eating it up.

7. “Salem”

This WGN America show is all about the witches during the Salem Witch Trials. I don’t think I can adequately describe the horror and satisfaction of seeing a bunch awesome withces torment a town of puritans, but trust me it’s well worth the watch and it will put a spell on you (hopefully without the disgusting side effect of a snake or frog being lodged in your intestines).

6. “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel”

Yes these are two different shows BUT since they’re both in the same fictional universe I put them together. Whether it’s creepy hyena spirit induced teenagers cannibalizing their principal or incredibly disturbing version of sesame street these shows are the rulers of supernatural television in my book. Trust me you’ll be running around with a stake in the cemetery in no time after watching them.

5. “The X-Files”

This show will creep you out with it’s never-ending barrage of monsters and aliens. And it has the added bonus of never-ending sexual tension between Scully and Mulder. Watch it and then you’ll know the truth is out there.

4. “Hannibal”

Gore. Like lots of blood and guts and violence, and it’s all really beautiful. Which sounds really weird and messed up but when you watch the show you’ll totally understand because this NBC thriller has the BEST cinematography I have ever seen in a show. Although eating anything while watching this show is like an Olympic sport.

3. “Sleepy Hollow”

This has to be like my favorite show on television right now. Every episode deals with some bizarre and wonderfully scary looking monster and is packed with great special effects and plot. The Sandman was one of my favorites. And of course who doesn’t want a machine gun wielding headless horseman of the apocalypse?

2. “The Twilight Zone”

Who isn’t familiar with the godfather of frightening TV? Between aliens, ghosts and death itself how can you not love all the ways this shows messes with your mind and societyNext stop, THE TWILIGHT ZONE! *dun dun dun*

1. “American Horror Story”

Did you really expect anything else for number one? This show has it all: scares, plot, interesting characters, and amazing costumes and effects. This seasons “Freak Show” is especially chilling and is being called the most terrifying season yet. So go fill up on that nightmare fuel.


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