Leftover Halloween candy treats

Cierra Cook
Lifestyles Editor


Do you have a lot of halloween candy left over? There are many things you can do with it instead of just throwing it out in a few months when it gets stale. All kinds of treats can be made with the leftover chocolate from your Halloween bucket.

Photo courtesy of ajc.com

Photo courtesy of ajc.com


Bake cookies

A regular chocolate chip cookie recipe would be easy, but instead of making it with chocolate chips throw a few of your leftover mini Hershey’s bars in them. This can make a great chocolate chunk cookie. M&M’s and KitKats could be used as a replacement.

Photo courtesy of stirlaughreapeat.blogspot.com

Photo courtesy of stirlaughreapeat.blogspot.com


Make a candy ice cream cone

This is a great way to spice up your favorite ice cream. Take any type of cone you would prefer and dip the top in melted chocolate. In bowl crush or break up your favorite kind of candy, then dip the end with the melted chocolate in it. Let it harden. Once it dries completely scoop your favorite kind of ice cream into the cone. This treat is great for every candy types, not just chocolate.

Photo courtesy of parentmap.com

Photo courtesy of parentmap.com



Cupcakes filled with your favorite candy, what could be better? This is an easy way to make your candy disappear. Take any kind of cake or cupcake mix and scoop the batter into cupcake tins. Before placing them in the oven, place a piece of the candy inside it. While baking the chocolate will melt, and create a filled center. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups would be perfect for this.

Photo courtesy of farenheit350.blogspot.com

Photo courtesy of farenheit350.blogspot.com


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