‘Maleficent’: A magical movie to add to your collection

Sam Shirk
Staff Writer

Nothing’s better than sitting down and watching a darker take on a classic Disney film or a classic Disney character. On Tuesday the 2014 film Maleficent was released on DVD. I suggest taking time to sit down and watch this one.



Photo courtesy of flickeringmyth.com

In this take of the story, we are introduced to an entirely different Maleficent compared to the original one in “Sleeping Beauty.” We follow an orphaned Maleficent as she fights to protect the Moors from the humans. Maleficent falls for a young peasant boy whose affection for her is overshadowed by greed and the desire to be King.

The story in this is a remarkable one and it makes viewers really connect with the famous villainous on a level that wasn’t possible before. She seems much more human compared to her original counterpart.



Photo courtesy of nationalreview.com

Some of the scenery shots in this film are amazing. There are a lot of far away shots of the kingdom and because we are following Maleficent in this film we get the pleasure of seeing the Moor kingdom as Maleficent glides through it. It’s a beautiful kingdom with many colors and it’s even more beautiful at night. One of my favorite scenes is when we get to look around at night because there are a lot of beautiful shades of pink, purple and blue. It’s well worth watching.

The scenery also helps emphasize the darker spin on this movie. A lot of the scenes are filmed with the characters dressed in dark colors or darker decorations. There’s also a lot of moments when the sky seems to be overcast so there’s a dim lighting about the kingdom.



Photo courtesy of movpins.com

The recreation of the original animated version is fantastic. The makeup used to turn Angelina Jolie into Maleficent was great and I really felt they looked quite identical. Elle Fanning, who played Aurora, was also fantastic. Although I’d argue she looked a little more innocent than the original Aurora.

The costumes used were also brilliant. While the designers threw their own twist on some the outfits, they’re still extremely close to their originals. While the story is of course different from the original some of it was recreated in this film. Maleficent’s famous curse is still given to Aurora but the scene where she pricks her finger is a bit different but it’s also more interesting and a bit stranger.

This film is one I feel you should definitely take the time to watch. Not only do we learn more about Maleficent in this version but we also learn more about Aurora as well.


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