Losing it over fitness app

Mary Jones
Staff Writer


Photo courtesy of play.google.com

Photo courtesy of play.google.com

With all the different fitness apps out there, it can be a daunting task to pick one when you are searching for one to help you watch your calories.

“Lose It”, by FitNow, Inc. is a fitness app that includes a database of food and activity that allows you to find and log your food and activity without a network connection. This can be installed on the phone or the SD Card, allowing you to not use your data or the wifi in order to log anything.

The first time you open Lose It, it will ask you to enter your current weight, your goal weight, your gender, height, birthday and your weight loss plan. You can pick to maintain your current weight or to lose specific amounts. From this, the app will tell you what date you should achieve your goal by and what you daily calorie budget is.

From here, you can log food, under the categories of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner,or Snack. You can also log your exercise and weight. This is very useful, because it allows you to see your net calories for the day at a glance, including what you burn while exercising. There are even challenges, both food and activity, that allow you to push and motivate yourself.

Photo courtesy of itunes.apple.com

Photo courtesy of itunes.apple.com

One of the best things about this app is that, while it has the database of food, including restaurants, brand names and grocery stores, as well as activities, it also has to option to create food and exercise, just in case it doesn’t have what you’re looking for. You can even create recipes. The app will also remember which foods and exercises you select, making it easier to find your favorite foods and exercises.

All of this comes in the free download of Lose It, making it free, effective and a definite download when it comes to watching calories, losing weight and/or leading a more healthy lifestyle. Updating it to Premium adds features such as Meal and Exercise planning, custom goals like body fat, hydration, sleep, steps per day and a multitude of others. However, for $40 per year, the free version of Lose It is the best way to go while on a budget.


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