Handling a Haven winter

Nicole Creamer
Staff Writer
Photo courtesy of gbtimes.com

Photo courtesy of gbtimes.com

It’s that time of year when the air gets dry, snow starts to fall, people get sick and holidays come faster than you would like. That’s right—winter time! Winter is not my favorite time of year (just ask anyone who complains that they are always cold). The only time I actually enjoy winter is when I have the time to get bundled up and go out and play in the freshly fallen snow.

What makes winter worse is when the wind blows and it feels even colder than it actually is. Not only are there those reasons but the fact that it gets darker out sooner, which puts a damper on evening activities. Enough about my dislike of winter though, let’s get to the real problem.

I remember last winter at Lock Haven University we had one of the worst winters that we have experienced in years. No one was prepared for multiple snowfalls like the ones we had, especially the maintenance workers. It always seemed like there was not enough salt to clear the sidewalks or that half the sidewalks weren’t even plowed or were being plowed while students walked to classes (which, if you ask me, is just dangerous and annoying).

Photo courtesy of streetsblog.org

Photo courtesy of streetsblog.org

Speaking of walking to class, that was the worst part of the day. I watched as people would walk just fine and then slip on ice that had no salt on it. Students had to essentially relearn how to balance themselves due to all of the slippery surfaces. As if experiencing the harsh winter storms wasn’t enough, the stairs that the maintenance workers fixed before the storms got ruined again because of the overuse of salt on the stairs leading to the classrooms. It’s crazy to imagine how much money the school wasted on fixing the stairs a second time.

Normally, I can handle winter (even if I don’t like it) but this year I live off campus and have a lot further to walk in order to get to class. We are expected to get just as big if not bigger winter storms this year than last which means more of a chance for me to slip on the way to class. This year my hopes are that the university is more prepared for what’s to come and that they are going to evenly spread the salt and not destroy the campus again.

The campus is already hard to walk on with all of these hills but even worse in the snow and ice. So here’s some advice, especially aimed to all the freshmen out there: get boots, get a heavy coat and get ready.


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