‘Kingdom Hearts 2.5’ is a much needed remix

Mary Jones
Staff Writer


Photo courtesy of enixorigin.com

Photo courtesy of enixorigin.com

With the semester quickly coming to a close, December is fast approaching. This means winter break and many holidays. But for us hard core fans of ”Kingdom Hearts”, it also means the release of a new game on December 2. “Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix”.

“2.5” includes two games and a series of cut-scenes. The first is “Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+,” originally released only in Japan in 2007 for the PlayStation 2. The second game is “Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix”, originally released only in Japan in 2011 for the PlayStation Portable. The cut-scenes are from “Kingdom Hearts RE:Coded”, and were fully redone in full HD, with voice actors.

Not only is this the first time that these games are being released outside of Japan, but there are many additions to the games that add not only to the gamers’ experience, but also to the widespread story of “Kingdom Hearts”.

Boss Battles

Photo courtesy of kh13.com

Photo courtesy of kh13.com

Most of the new boss battles are optional and are not required to continue the story. However, there is one required, in “Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix”. Roxas, in the World That Never Was, was originally a cut-scene. However, in the “Final Mix”, you take control of Sora for this battle, rather than watching.

This is no easy battle though! An optional boss in the same game is Lingering Will. Those who have played Terra’s story in “Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep” will recognize the enemy that Sora has to fight here. Finally, there is also the Organization members that Sora and Riku defeated in “Chain of Memories”. In one of the new places to explore in Hollow Bastion, called the Cavern of Remembrance, Sora will run across their data and will be able to fight these old foes again.

In “Birth By Sleep Final Mix”, all of the new bosses are optional. These include the Armor of Eraqus, found in the destroyed Land of Departure and No Heart an enemy who is familiar to those who have played the final boss in “Kingdom Hearts 2”. There is also Monstro from “Pinocchio”. This was cut from the original release of the game but the disc still had the coding on it. The developers decided to implement this one for the re-release.

Never before seen Cut-Scenes

Photo courtesy of attackofthefanboy.com

Photo courtesy of attackofthefanboy.com

Never before seen Cut-Scenes is a staple for the remake of the “Re:Coded” scenes. There is also a whole slew of cut-scenes that were in the original releases of both of the “Final Mix”’s that were constantly referenced to in other games. Thankfully these will clear up some of the gamers’ confusion.

And Much More!

There are many new places to explore, new challenges that award in and out of game rewards, and many new keyblades, the magical weapon that the protagonists of the “Kingdom Hearts” series wield.

There are also a bonus to pre-ordering the game from GameStop – an official Disney pin featuring Mickey Mouse and Sora. Pre-Order today for $39.99.


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