The Eagle Eye’s top writers for the semester

Kathleen Ellison
Online Edition

This week marks the last issue of the fall semester for the Eagle Eye! And so to mark off the occasion we are revealing our top writers of the semester!

Congratulations to these amazing writers! Their rank was based on the number of views for the top fifty articles of this semester and how many articles in the top fifty they had.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Go ahead and check out some of their top articles linked below if you haven’t read them already!

1. Sam Shirk
2. Kayla Marsh
3. Katie Hibbard
4. Nicole Creamer
5. Quanya Myers
6. Kate White
7. Sky Carpenter and Sarah Eckrich
8. Mary Jones
9. Vicky Kramer
10. Christine Nolthenius

Do you want to see your name on that list? Do want to gain such skills as time management, ability to work under pressure, leadership and more? Do want the chance to learn and use InDesign, Photoshop and more?

Well join us next semester in the Eagle Eye! We’re looking for design managers, photographers, writers, and co-editors for Arts and Entertainment, Lifestyles and News.

Come join our club and gain invaluable skills and friendships, build up your professional portfolio, and experience opportunities to go to conferences, museums and more!

Just because it’s the last print issue of the Eagle Eye doesn’t mean the online won’t stop! We here at the Eagle Eye will continue to bring you unique online content each week. So be sure to check out all the sections and new articles over winter break!


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