5 tips on surviving finals

Kathleen Ellison
Online Editor
Photo courtesy of blogs.iwu.edu

Photo courtesy of blogs.iwu.edu

This is it. Finals week. When caffeine soars high and morale falls low. When even the most diligent students change into grotesque sleep deprived zombies. The looming threat of tests, papers and projects might be imminent, but have no fear, for here are a few tips to help get you through this trying time.

1. Take frequent breaks

It’s important to take breaks while studying to give your brain a break. The best study break method is taking a 5 minute break after every 25 minutes of studying, and have every third break be 20 minutes long. While taking a break get up and stretch and maybe go for a walk. Try to avoid social media which might draw you into quicksand of procrastination.

2. Listen to instrumental music or white noise

Some low background noise will help you to relax and focus more on your work. For some nice background noise sounds

Photo courtesy of college.usatoday.com

Photo courtesy of college.usatoday.com

try Coffitivity (for coffee shop sounds), or myNoise.net (for a whole plethora of fun). And here are some great instrumental playlists too:

3. Take a nap

Take a short 15 minute nap to keep you fresh and focused, but before taking that nap be sure to drink some coffee. Caffeine takes usually 15 minutes to kick in so by the time you wake up you’ll be ready to go! On that note try not to over-caffeinate yourself, too much caffeine can make you angsty and increase your stress.

Photo courtesy of 2012books.lardbucket.org

Photo courtesy of 2012books.lardbucket.org

4. Write it out!

Writing out stuff may take longer, but it will help you to memorize it easier. Try writing out all the important stuff on an index card right before your test. Also try spraying some odd scent while your studying or chew gum, it’s been shown to help improve memorization.

5. Get pumped! It’s almost over!

Remember your almost there and you can do it! The Eagle Eye believes in you! The end of the semester is only days away so just remember soon you’ll be eating candy canes and visiting your family and vegging in front of the TV.

Also here’s a video to get you pumped:

And here have a picture of a kitten you beautiful over-stressed mess.

Photo courtesy of tiptopdingbat.tumblr.com

Photo courtesy of tiptopdingbat.tumblr.com


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