2014: A Year in News

Kathleen Ellison
Online Editor

2014 was a monumental year for the world, filled with fear, anger, sorrow and hope. Disease swept nations, conflict emerged in every corner of the earth, and many stood up to say this stops here and this stops now. Here are the top stories of the year that shook the world. What was most monumental to you?

Missouri Protests: #BlackLivesMatter

The deaths of unarmed Mike Brown and Eric Garner as well as the lack of indictment for both of the officers who killed them caused nationwide protests and “die-ins”. The death of black teenager Mike Brown started the fires of protests in Ferguson, Mo. when officer Darren Wilson was not indicted by Grand Jury.

The protests have brought to light serious discussions on racial and income inequality, as well as police tactics.

Photo courtesy of news.stlpublicradio.org

Photo courtesy of news.stlpublicradio.org

Mexico Protests: Where are the 43?

In Iguala, Mexico 43 students went missing in late September on their way to a demonstration. Supposedly police were given orders by the mayor to confront the students, who were apprehended and suspected to have been given to a local gang.

Tens of thousands protested throughout Mexico demanding justice for the 43 missing students as well as the many others who have been the victims of corruption. Many of the demonstrators called for the resignation of President Enrique Peña Nieto.

Photo courtesy of mic.com

Photo courtesy of mic.com

Hong Kong Protests: We’ll be back

Democracy in Hong Kong took a hit when Beijing  claimed it would not allow open nominations in city’s election of chief executive, instead allowing for a 2017 vote between pre-screened candidates.

The resulting protests, known as the Umbrella Movement, swept through Hong Kong and lasted over two months with hundreds demonstrating. As the protesters finally left in December, they left one message: “We’ll be back”. Members came out to celebrate the New Year to release balloons and pass out flyers.

Photo courtesy of mic.com

Photo courtesy of mic.com

Ebola Outbreak

The West African countries of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, suffered from a deadly outbreak of Ebola. Over 5,000 have died from the virus and though the case count is becoming stable in some countries it is predicted that the disease won’t be under control for a while.

Photo courtesy of nbcnews.com

Photo courtesy of nbcnews.com

Ukraine Conflict

Conflict between the Ukraine government and pro-Russian rebels has resulted with the deaths of over 4,300 people and displaced at least a million. Tensions snapped between the two countries in November 2013, and in 2014 has led to major guerrilla warfare despite cease-fires and attempts to quell the conflict by NATO.

Photo courtesy of presstv.ir

Photo courtesy of presstv.ir

Malala Yousafzai wins the Nobel Peace Prize

On October 10 Pakistani Malala Yousafzai won the Nobel Peace Prize. She is the youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate at the age of 17, and the first ever Pakistani to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Yousafzai came into public view for her activism for female education and human rights. She became  “the most famous teenager in the world” after surviving being shot in the head by the Taliban in October 2012. She continues to fight for worldwide access to education, even speaking at the United Nations.

What was most important to you? Tells us by voting in this month’s poll.


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