90’s disney movies

Sam Shirk
Staff Writer

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year again! Winter, the season where we all lock ourselves in the house and bundle up with a cup of hot chocolate and a good movie. With so many movies out in the world, how do you decide on a movie? You pick a decade and make a list of course! In this case, we’re discussing 4 great movies from the 90s!


The amazingly powerful story of a young women in China, joining the Imperial Army to take her old and previously wounded father’s place.

In modern days, a strong female lead is an important addition to any story. People enjoy seeing women stick up for themselves and become independent. This movie is the perfect for this vision. Mulan’s bravery and love for her family is something every kid should be introduced to, especially young girls. This movie’s image is not about how a young girl should look or act, it is about making a difference and being selfless, a valuable lesson for children.

Photo courtesy of degrassi.wikia.com

Photo courtesy of degrassi.wikia.com



A love story about a poor peasant finding love with the Sultan’s daughter.

While this movie is a typical Disney movie in one sense, it’s also very different from others. This story took the approach of something big happening for someone who had nothing. A good rags to riches story. This is a good message because it teaches that love can transcend boundaries and that everyone has an equal chance at having a positive future, no matter how bad the circumstances.

Photo courtesy of attraction-tickets-direct.co.uk

Photo courtesy of attraction-tickets-direct.co.uk


Toy Story

One of Disney and Pixar’s best joint projects, it shows one of the things all kids think about, do toys come alive while we’re away?

There are a lot of times when kids will let their imaginations run wild. After all, isn’t that what being a kid is all about? The idea of toys coming to life is often due to the fact that kids will put their toy down somewhere absentmindedly and then when they go to resume playing, it’ll feel like the toy has since moved from that spot.

What also makes Toy Story great is the moral behind it. It shows that having friends is important and that you shouldn’t judge someone before you get to know them. Friendship is a very important moral for any child and the movie’s theme “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” only enhances the moral.

Photo courtesy of giphy.com

Photo courtesy of giphy.com


The Lion King

The tale of a young lion named Simba struggling to follow in his father’s footsteps as the King of Pride Rock.

Lion King is a perfect movie for kids because it has everything. It has action, suspense, romance and comedy. It’s a movie that can definitely keep kids fully engrossed. Not only does it have amazingly catchy songs but it also teaches an important moral. That moral is that you can only be yourself, nobody else. This is crucial for kids to know as they get older and it’s one parents can hope a child follows so they will always do just that, be themselves. This moral is a valuable one and should always be kept in mind because it just might keep someone from getting into trouble.

Photo courtesy of giphy.com

Photo courtesy of giphy.com


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