But . . . NOTHING!

Nicole Creamer
Staff Writer
Photo courtesy of msmeans.wordpress.com

Photo courtesy of msmeans.wordpress.com

Let’s talk about the word ‘but’ shall we? It is one of those words used to make something seem not as bad or you are about the give an excuse for something.

Everyone uses this word in a variety of different ways and they use it, myself included, to get away with something that could potentially be bad. People are always saying things like: Not to sound offensive but…well what you are really saying is that the person will find it offensive but they shouldn’t because you don’t them to. Just because you put that phrase in the beginning of a sentence doesn’t make the sentence any less offensive.

Then there is: I’m not racist but…well if you are going to say that in the beginning of a sentence be ready for someone to slap you across the face because you are essentially calling yourself racist by adding ‘I’m not racist but’ in front of a sentence. All you are trying to do is cover up that fact that you actually believe what you are about to say, you just don’t want the people listening to think of you negatively.

Then there are those people who use the word ‘but’ right before they give an excuse. But she did it and you didn’t yell at her. But I was really tired. But I didn’t have a ride. Now-a-days excuses are used so frequently that it blows my mind and people in our generation and younger are being taught how to make excuses for not doing their best and for not trying. We are starting to use excuses to make up for our laziness. What good is this? Take responsibility for your actions, it is almost like people are afraid of being responsible. Taking responsibility shows strength unlike making excuses which just shows weakness.

Photo courtesy of changeagenttgb.com

Photo courtesy of changeagenttgb.com

Most people use the word ‘but’ and they use it for many reasons. Let’s just keep those reasons to a minimum. Don’t try to make yourself sound better by putting in a buffer that won’t work anyway. People see through that kind of stuff, if you are going to offend them a buffer won’t stop that. If you are about to say something racists a buffer definitely won’t stop that either. Moral of the story is to think before you talk.

Think before you say something that could hurt another human being. Actually try and work hard at something before you start making up excuses as to why you couldn’t do it when you really just forgot or never attempted it. Be honest and think before you speak and maybe you will find that life is better without all the excuses and buffering.


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