Five things to make up a break up

Sam Shirk
Staff Writer

If sickly-sweet romance is not your cup of tea this holiday, then perhaps you’d be interested in this list of anti-Valentine’s Day movies. Here are 5 great ones to check out!

5. Mrs. Doubtfire

A classic! The story of an actor coming out of a bitter divorce and disguising himself as a female housekeeper just to spend time with his children who are in his ex-wife’s custody.

The emphasis in this movie is on family rather than romantic love. It’s light-hearted and funny which is good if you’re just looking for something to cheer you up on Valentine’s Day. Plus it stars Robin Williams which gives you every reason to watch it!

4. The Break-Up

The story of a recently split couple who are in a constant war to keep their luxurious condo. With both being stubborn, the couple’s actions, as a result of the break-up, get nastier by the second.

The title alone states why you should watch this movie for a great anti-Valentine’s day flick. This movie is not a typical romantic comedy by any means in, it’s more of an anti one. Full of quick witted moments from Vaughn and hilarious devious acts, this film is perfect if you’re looking for a good break-up tale.

3. Body Heat

During an intense heat wave in Florida, a woman partakes in an affair with a sleazy, small-town lawyer. Wanting to divorce her husband, the woman convinces her lover to kill her rich husband.

There is absolutely nothing more sinful than an affair and the thought of watching this adultery on Valentine’s Day is thrilling. It holds the whole “love stinks” concept because we find that Matty, the main female character, is very unhappy with her marriage. Nothing says “I hate you” like a plan devised with your current lover to kill your spouse!

2. The War of Roses

The story of a married couple trying everything to get each other to leave the house during a vicious divorce battle.

As the tagline reads “Once in a lifetime comes a motion picture that makes you feel like falling in love again. This is not that movie.” This tale is terrific one that is similar to The Break-Up, the difference is this middle-aged couple is far more brutal. This couple fights hard over their mansion-like home, inching on a path that can only be described as self-destruction. When precious family heirlooms are smashed, you know you’ve got a violent break-up on your hands. Perfect for an anti-Valentine’s day flick.

1. Blue Valentine

A heartbreaking tale that follows a couple’s rocky marriage from the past to the present.

This is one of the best anti-Valentine’s Day films because it’s about marital issues. Marital issues are common in everyday life and when a marriage is in danger of ending, it really makes you feel like love stinks. This film is perfect if you’re in that mindset for Valentine’s Day. While the story is sad, it’s an interesting one that is filled with fantastic acting!


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