Inexpensive Valentine’s dates and gifts

Cierra Cook
Lifestyles Editor

With Valentines Day right around the corner you may be looking for easy and inexpensive dates for you and your significant other. Here are five easy options.


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5. Game night

Spend a night in with your favorite snacks and your favorite board game.

4. Bowling

Though bowling may not be your favorite thing it could be fun just for a different kind of night out.

3. Head to a flea market

Get each other out to shop. You never know what you might find, and you may even find something for fix up together.

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2. Get a movie and stay in

There is nothing more relaxing than laying on the couch together and watching a movie.

1. Cook together

Cooking together could be romantic and simple, plus at the end you get to eat great food! Whatever you plan on doing be sure to have fun!

We’ll now you have your date planned and now you need a gift. Here are 5 simple gift ideas.


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5. Make a card

Make a card for your other half. It may seem to simple but if you make it personal it could mean a lot.

4. Photo collage

Pictures can say 1,000 words. A collage of pictures from your favorite memories could be very romantic.

3. Burn a CD

Does anybody remember the mix tape? You could burn a cd of songs for your significant other. 

2. Coupons

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Make coupons saying things like, ‘free for one wash and fold of the laundry’, this shows that you care.

1. Make sweet treats

Make your own candies or cookies. It could be fun if you made them together.

Even if you aren’t in a relationship some of these activities could be done with your friends as well.


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