50 shades of excitement or abuse?

Fifty Shades of Excitement

Samantha Armstrong
Guest Writer
Photo courtesy of look.co.uk

Photo courtesy of look.co.uk

With the Fifty Shades of Grey release this past Friday, women everywhere have been in a daze over the main character, Christian Grey. On July 24, 2014 the official movie trailer was released and the excitement has been mounting ever since. With it’s release on Valentine’s Day weekend, there is no surprise that this film raked in $94.4 million, beating out the previous record of Valentine’s Day.

Christian Grey, portrayed by Jamie Dornan, plays a young business magnate in the books and movie.  Grey is the type of man that every woman wants to be with, in my opinion. Dornan looks the part and definitely has ladies talking about the steamy scenes in the movie.

Dakota Johnson was chosen to play the role of Anastasia Steele, who plays a college graduate who is currently writing articles about the infamous Christian Grey. I believe that she was a good fit for this role because she is portrayed in the books as someone who is innocent and sweet. Sam Taylor-Johnson, the director of Fifty Shades of Grey helped keep these important characteristics of Anastasia.

Fans have expressed their disappointments in regards to some scenes from the book that were not in the movie, but despite this fact it captures the sexual essence E. L. James, author of the trilogy, was trying to get across.

People who have seen the movie already want to see it again. Rebecca Mann said, “It was one of the best movies ever, the excitement was definitely worth it. I am even going to see it again with friends.”

The hype of this release has definitely lived up to the expectations of the viewers. Another moviegoer Meredith Fay said, “I was skeptical about seeing it at first, but it definitely exceeded my expectations.”

With this type of reaction, producers were smart to make sure this movie lived up to all of the expectations. The only thing that fans are still waiting for after this movie is finding out when the sequel Fifty Shades Darker will come out.

Fifty Shades of Abuse

Sam Shirk
Staff Writer
Photo courtesy of huffingtonpost.com

Photo courtesy of huffingtonpost.com

The long awaited Fifty Shades of Grey hit theaters on Feb. 13 and fans flocked to the theaters to see it. According to imdb, it’s currently ranked in the box offices at about 90 million. Sounds like a pretty good movie then, right? I think not.

We live in a world that is currently sex-obsessed. Sex is everywhere in media at the current moment, it’s in everything we watch and everything we listen to. It’s also being heavily used to sell products. Fifty Shades of Grey only adds to this obsession.

If I had to classify this film as anything, I’d classify it as a bad porno. The idea behind the movie may be an interesting concept but it’s also morally wrong. The story is about a college senior named Anastasia Steele hooking up with a billionaire named Christian Grey. While their ages are close, the area where it’s morally wrong is the fact that it takes the idea of mixing business with pleasure to the extreme.

Don’t get me wrong, I like a good romance story as much as the next person but when you write about a relationship revolving around nothing but sex, it gets to be a bit much. Christian even admits to not wanting a romantic relationship with Ana! He comes up with a CONTRACT stating that fact, that whole exchange just blows my mind!!

Photo courtesy of the hollywoodgossip.com

Photo courtesy of the hollywoodgossip.com

Another thing that bugs me is that, despite the sex scenes not even being written well and being far too extreme, people love it. And what also sickens me is the fact that people are going nuts over something which is almost as low as pornography. Almost everyone looks down on something as dirty as that so why is Fifty Shades acceptable?

A major thing that bothers me as well, is I feel this book shows a weak female character. I feel like this character is extremely submissive and lets Christian do whatever he wants. I know that’s the whole point of the relationship but I feel it’s over the top. I feel like Christian sends her a bunch of gifts and then wins her over; I’m not even sure Ana fully enjoys what she’s doing with Christian, it sure doesn’t seem like it. One of the scenes that really bothers me is when Ana feels her and Christian are not compatible and she’s devastated over it! I feel like screaming “Get over yourself woman, have some more decency than that.”

This movie (or book) treats sex like it’s nothing and it shouldn’t be like that. This shouldn’t be acceptable and to me it’s a huge embarrassment in our society. We have to stop letting stuff like this get published. There’s plenty of other amazing movies and books out there to choose from, especially in the romance category!


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