New easier treatments for diabetic sufferers

Lona Middleton
Copy Editor
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The day to day routine for someone dealing with diabetes is anything but “routine”. The constant checking and rechecking of blood sugar levels and then finger prick after finger prick. It can feel like a ton of guess work for those that have to deal with this illness. Thanks to dedicated medical professionals and scientists, there may be help on the way soon for people living with type 1 diabetes.

The days of constantly poking yourself with pins to draw miniscule amounts of blood for testing could be a thing of the past soon. Scientists are working on a prototype for a skin patch that will constantly monitor blood sugar levels eliminating the need for the old fashioned and invasive needle test currently used.

Another huge leap forward in the treatment of type 1 diabetes is the development of “smart insulin.” Researchers at MIT and the University of Utah have been working together to produce a compound that can be introduced into the body and will automatically activate when glucose levels become too high.

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The “smart insulin” is injected into the patient and will stay in the body for much longer only becoming active when the blood sugar levels are too high. This would greatly reduce the number of injections a person that suffers from diabetes would need making their day to day activities more routine with fewer interruptions.

This does not cure type 1 diabetes and people with it would still have to be careful about what they eat and drink. What it does offer is a more normal daily life without the constant interruptions of having to monitor blood sugar levels. No more leaving the theatre or excusing yourself early from a get together to go poke your finger and check your glucose levels.

These two projects, the skin patch and the smart insulin, could mean a more normal day to day life for the people afflicted with type 1 diabetes.

Info: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences


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