Send the Emojis you never had

Cierra Cook
Lifestyles Editor

Who doesn’t love a good Emoji when you’re in heated discussion with a friend? There is now a new app in the Apple iTunes AppStore that lets you create your own. It is called Imoji and it is free.

With the app you take photos and make your own Emojis. This app lets you take pictures, zoom, crop and cut your pictures to the way you want. This allows you  to become very creative with your Imojis. It can be an picture of your favorite selfie or your pet. This is a fun way to spice up the conversation.

The app also allows you to designate the Imoji as public or private before using it in an imessage. The public stickers can be used by people who aren’t too creative to find and use them. The app was founded by former Apple employee, Tom Smith. The app is planning to become more of a social platform in the future.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of


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