Green thumb not needed, just add water

Amanda Thomas
Copy Editor

Plant Nanny is a great new app that gets you to drink water regularly by reminding you to water your plant. Once you download the app you choose your plant and pot then start watering it with every glass of water you drink. The app reminds you to stay hydrated; if you don’t drink, you don’t water your plant and it starts to wither. The plant has a cute face and you get to name it so when you don’t drink water, little Frederick will die.

It’s an app that combines health with fun and it shows you how dehydrated you really are. Kiersten Beecher, a junior Sociology major said, “I feel like I’ve been dehydrated my entire life” after using this app for a few days and drinking 100% of her recommended water intake each day.

It’s hard to get used to the sudden increase of water you’re drinking. Beecher says, “I’ve never gone to the bathroom this much” but after a while you get used to it and you start to feel better. Drinking water helps your body flush out all the unhealthy toxins that sit in it so if your pee isn’t clear or very light yellow, you aren’t hydrated enough! Hydration is important and if you need a reminder to drink more water each day, Plant Nanny is perfect for you!

HINT: To help you remember to drink, carry around a water bottle (the larger the better: 32oz recommended) and keep it in sight. Seeing it, you’ll start to drink more and it becomes a habit. Just remember to keep refilling it.

FACT: Most of the time you feel hungry, you’re actually thirsty. All those times wandering around your kitchen not knowing what you want to eat, your body is actually searching for water. If you drink more water, you’ll feel less hungry and stop all the unhealthy munching.

ADVICE: Drink WATER. Water is the best thing to put in your body. It’s good for brain activity and actually wakes you up.

Download Plan Nanny to start getting healthy and hydrated!


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