Soaking in springtime

Jade Nelson
Opinion Editor
Photo courtesy of Sarah Eckrich

Photo courtesy of Sarah Eckrich

This just in, folks, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! I beg Mother Nature to hold on to her snowflakes as we celebrate the first day of spring on Friday. Don’t get me wrong—the winter season is great, but only until about the second snowfall. After that, my brain becomes as mucky and iced over as our rugged Pennsylvania roads.

I think I speak on behalf of anyone who prefers to live in temperatures above 32 degrees by saying that this bitter winter froze all of the positive energy I had built up for this semester.  Dedicating my time to working all week, spring break hardly felt like spring and was the farthest thing from a break. Since coming back to school though, my motivation is slowly starting to return with a little help from my friend the sun.

As someone who was born on a steaming day in July, I thrive in the warmth. I long for the mornings when I’m woken up by the sun streaming through my bedroom windows, birds singing love songs and squirrels chasing each other between neighbors’ backyards. One thing I love the most though is being able to experience the rebirth of vegetation, but especially people’s spirits.

I lose myself during the cold winter months, but I, like many others, am able to grow and beam with positive vibes once spring approaches the corner. Nothing beats the smell of freshly cut grass, greener than a gardener’s thumb, the laughter of little kids that echoes the streets while they race on scooters and bikes and the array of sizzling meats and vegetables that line Dad’s overused grill.

Photo courtesy of

With all this in mind, there’s no reason not to end the semester with a bang, despite getting over the winter-weather blues. There is so much to look forward to during the upcoming months and they will fly by before we know it.

Unfortunately, I get antsier than ever sitting in class or while doing homework when it’s warm and sunny outside. If you feel this way too, I strongly suggest laying out a blanket on the lawn to read or study—even break up your study sessions by taking a stroll on the dike.

So many positive, uplifting things happen when the sun comes out, so why not take advantage of it? Collect your own happy vibes and run with them. Go to class, do your homework, enjoy dinner with your friends and go for a walk. Get outside and soak up the sun—live life and appreciate your surroundings.

Life doesn’t always have to be dark and gloomy. Make the most of being young and invincible; shine as bright as the sun.


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