College builds character

Connor Poorman
Guest Writer

file6771268338549I often used to ask myself if college was really going to be worth all the studying, the debt and late night procrastinating. I also used to attend another college and in a mere six months, after being academically suspended I truly understood why college is worth it. It’s not just for a career and a better future, but for intellectual growth.

I was unsure at my last college if the major I was going for was what I wanted to pursue. Sure enough, the hesitation hurt me academically and psychologically. I moved on from wondering what major I wanted to wondering if I wanted to continue my college career. I was in desperation to find the answer to my question.

During my limbo, I worked in a semi-industrial plant for 12 hours a night, three to five days a week. The pay was great, the people were nice and the work wasn’t too bad; by all standards I should have stayed if all I wanted was to be paid a decent wage. I, however wasn’t happy with staying the way I was.

I felt as if I had no life outside of my work place. For all the money I was making, it seemed futile. After working for six months, I enrolled at Lock Haven University. Of course, after my last academic suspension, I had to go through a trial period at LHU to show that I was going to put forth the effort. Evidently, I passed that semester and I am now a full-fledged student.

What was it that drove me to pass that semester even after all the hesitation I displayed in my previous experience? I found answers to the questions I was continuously asking. I wanted to declare an English major and write a few books or find another a job within that career path. I also wanted the knowledge from the  “useless” electives some students take for granted.

Electives aren’t there just to fill credits, but to help expand a student’s knowledge base. Someday you may look back on an elective you took and see that it has applied to your career path.

There will always be a sort of hesitation for every student, but remember, college is worth it. Half the battle, however is on the psychological level.  College is all about learning, so why not soak up as much as you can for all of the money you pay, while expanding the horizons that come with it?

Maybe right now it doesn’t seem worth it, but I guarantee that all the studying, debt and late nights we put forth will eventually amount to not only a career but an eventual greater level of happiness in our lives.


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