Five exotic animals avaliable in PA.

Cierra Cook Lifestyles Editor

There are five types of peculiar animals that you can have in the state of Pennsylvania. If you want something more interesting than just the normal cat or dog option this is definitely the way to go.  

1. Skunks

  The stink of the skunk is something that you might think would deter people from owning one. This however is something that can easily be taken care of. Skunks can be desented in a minimally invasive procedure. Skunks are very docile and will easily become a part of your family. They can also be litter trained which is a definite plus. In order to purchase them you just need a permit rider from a certified breeder.


2. Pigs

Piglets sure are cute, but potbelly pigs can grow to be up to 130 pounds. Although they are big, pigs are quite loving and attention giving. They are also very smart and can be trained to do tricks. A pig could become a great part of your family.  

3. Prairie Dog

These animals need a lot of attention so they are a full time position. They bond strongly with one person so they are not the best pets to share because they can give a strong bite. They love to play with chew toys. They are named for their warning sound which closely resembles a dog bark.  

4. Sugar Gliders

Just like Prairie Dogs, Sugar Gliders require a lot of attention. Be sure that you can give them as much attention as you can. These animals are considered exotic so a permit is required to own them. They are only about six inches long but can glide up to 150 meters, which is longer than a football field.  

5. Wolf

 wolves This big dog can be owned in the state of PA with an exotic animal license. The state will come in and determine if your house and family is fit for such an animal. When taken care of correctly they can be just like a domesticated dog.   So if you’re looking for a pet that is different consider one of these 5 options.


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