LHU student-athletes succeed in class

Bret Pallotto
Sports Editor


By Dom Sagolla

By Dom Sagolla

One-hundred and eighty-nine Lock Haven student-athletes recorded a GPA of 3.25 or higher during the fall 2014 semester.

The 189 student-athletes who achieved 3.25 GPA represented 44 percent of the university’s student-athlete population.

The latest data reported from the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and Pennsylvania State Athletic Association (PSAC) reported on the Academic Success Rate (ASR) and Federal Graduation Rates (FGR) from 2004-07.

LHU’s four-year ASR for student-athletes was 84 percent while the Division II national-average was 13 percentage points lower at 71 percent. Lock Haven’s rate was No. 3 in the PSAC.

The four-year FGR rate for all DII institutions was 48 percent while the FGR rate for DII student-athletes was 55 percent. Lock Haven student-athletes posted a graduation rate of 63 percent which was 14 percent above the national average. The volleyball and lacrosse teams both recorded a phenomenal 100 percent ASR.

All PSAC student-athletes are graduating with a success rate of 79 percent.


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