Relay for Life 2015

Morgan Barrett and Megan Zick
Guest Writers

relay 1Relay for Life is a time, once a year, where students, faculty and the community join forces in the battle against cancer.

This year, Lock Haven University beat their Relay goal by raising $26,176.83, up by almost $2,000 from last year’s funds of $24,183.50. The event took place in the Student Rec Center on Friday, March 20.

More than 500 people came together for the 10th annual all-night event to raise those funds in honor of survivors, those who have lost their battle with cancer and those who are still fighting.

“I think that relay had an amazing turnout in regards to the number of people who showed. The amount of money raised this year was absolutely outstanding,” Brittany Roberts, a freshman, said.

relay 3The theme this year was board games and there were a variety of different activities held throughout the night. All of the clubs and organizations got very creative with their tables.

A few of the games and activities were monopoly jail, twister, operation (fish toss) and more. There was zumba, performances, music, and ceremonies being held throughout the night.

The monopoly jail was one of the most popular games of the night. Participants would pay $1 to put someone in “jail” and they’d have to either stand in the cell for 15 minutes or pay $3 to bail themselves out.

There were also ceremonies throughout the event there was the opening ceremony, and ceremonies to represent to survivors, caregivers, and those still fighting cancer.

relay 2There were powerful stories told from people in all walks of life that have been affected by cancer in one way or another. The luminary ceremony video slideshow to pay respect to those who have passed and had family members and friends of those people decorated bags to line the track.

All the participants lapped around the track to walk for their loved ones.

So many of us have had someone in our lives who’s affected by cancer, and we relay with those people in mind.

Senior, criminal justice major, Shannon Shero said “Relay was great because it was so nice to see so many organizations, like Greeks, sports and clubs, come together for one cause.”

Each hour out of the 12-hour event was a reminder of the important cause. We relay for so many reasons, but no matter what, we relay together.

Photos courtesy of Angelina Privitera 


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