A ‘New Glow’ and a new era

Spencer McCoy
A&E Editor


Matt and Kim are a duo who have been surging through the indie genre since their first studio album ‘Grand’ back in 2009. Since then they have been very hard at working making a name for themselves and releasing albums along the way.

Their newest studio album, ‘New Glow’ won’t be released until the 7th, however, I was able to get an exclusive play through before it’s official release. Let me tell you, “WOW.” Matt and Kim seem to really have a new tune in their step and are growing into an awesome pop group.

Evolving from the standard Matt plays piano and Kim bangs away on the drums, it seems as if these two are truly growing into the musicians they claim to be. Every album they release seems to have a central theme to it and ‘New Glow’ is all about being alive, in the moment and enjoying the new things in life.

This is one of the funkiest strangest pop albums I have ever gotten the chance to listen to. It has your standard build up and drops but it goes so much further than that. This new style of Matt and Kim is really starting to shine and show it’s true colors.

A relatively short album coming in at only ten songs each one a unique mix of electronica, pop and indie. However there is an interesting twist to ‘New Glow.’ In my opinion, it appears as if many of these songs could almost be extensions, or part two’s of their previous albums. With many tracks using melodies that sound increasingly similar to previous songs. While usually I would frown upon something like that, I don’t  in this case. These songs aren’t new at all but they are completely original and are what defines Matt and Kim. A happy go lucky duo who knows how to party and knows how to create quality fun music.

I highly recommend this album to any Matt and Kim fan as well as indie fans in general. It may take some time getting used to but this album is nothing but fun!


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