Club of the Week: Latino Student Association

Kate White
News Editor

Club Name: Latino Student Association.

Club President: Sam Done.

Club Advisor: Dr. J. Taylor

Club meetings and time: Every Wednesday at 6pm in Raub 408.

Photo Provided by the Latino Student Association

Photo Provided by the Latino Student Association

About the Latino Student Association:

Meetings are educational and exciting. We try to educate each other about our dialect, different dance styles and foods.

“LSA is not only a club, it’s an open family for those around campus, that feel alone and need a little support from those who understand what they might be going through.” – Anonymous member

Everyone is welcome to join the club to learn more about the club and each other. The club features diverse population  from all over the world. Club meetings are open to the community and we have new members every week.
The club continues to make plans to move forward by expanding the club and communicating with the community to teach others about Latino culture.

“LSA is not just a club for me, it’s a group of people who I can call family at school on and off campus. I have met some amazing people who treat and understand me the best. The bonds created in the club will last forever even after I graduate. I love meeting with LSA weekly because I love the activities we do, I love being surrounded by many different cultures and personalities. Regardless of the fact, I love LSA and meeting every week, it helps me get away from the stress of school. LSA is my home, I am great to be apart of it as well as being our Vice President. – Natalie Fernandez


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