Fantasy sports a fun way to compete

Tyler Potoski
Staff Writer

Fantasy sports have long been a tradition that many fanatics around the world participate in religiously. Like managing their own personal team, fantasy owners from a variety of sports have a chance to draft some of their favorite players and compete against other owners within a league for the coveted fantasy title.

Fantasy sports draft work in a variety of ways, with drafts being the most important part. The two most popular formats for drafting are known as “snake” drafts and “auction” drafts. Snake works in a way where all players get an equal amount of picks that go in a serpentine style. Auction drafts are different because they give owners an imaginary amount of money (usually $200.00) where they then bid on different players throughout the draft. The higher the draft value of the player, the higher the bid usually goes for.

Fantasy baseball season, the current season which is underway is one of the most popular next to fantasy football. Fantasy baseball runs from the first day of the regular season to the last day, which is usually about twenty weeks. Many friends partake in private fantasy drafts and play for money which makes the league much more interesting and intense.

Owners of fantasy teams tend to pick players on various tendencies. There are some owners that will pick players solely on what team they play for. For example, an owner who is a Red Sox fan would be more likely to draft players from the actual Red Sox roster. Other owners will study players more than a final exam in college and make decisions based on their studies.

One player from a personal league I partake in explains his personal drafting strategy by arguing “Not all players will perform as good or as bad as they did last year.” He continues to say that “You have to take into consideration if they were traded, what league or division they are now in, or even who they are now teammates with along with how old that person is.”

Some fantasy leagues also offer teams and owners to keep previous players they believe outperform others, but this strategy can be risky because keeping a player on your team from the previous year means that you also lose a pick in the following years draft.

Fantasy sports have always been both a friendly and complicated way for people to live out their dream of managing their own sports team. They offer various outlets for people to learn about different players are show off their own skills in managing their own team, although everything can hinder solely on how a certain player performs. Fantasy sports will continue to be a risky and fun way for people around the world to compete with one another.


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