Group projects & grade problems

Nicole Creamer
Staff Writer

The one thing that I can’t stand in college is group projects. I’m in a group project now and luckily we are actually getting our stuff done and we work well together. However, this good experience got me thinking of all the bad past group projects I have had to deal with in my three years of college thus far.

I’m the type of person who takes charge of putting everything together because I don’t trust other people when it comes to my grades. I like to double, even triple-check everything that gets graded. You could consider me to have controlling tendencies due to the fact that I like everything neat and orderly, but this comes in handy for many group projects. It’s not that I don’t think the other people in my group are incapable of doing the work; it’s that I care way too much about my grade to trust someone and then get screwed over in the end because they forgot to do something or never showed up with the materials needed.

This brings me to my first point: I hate it when you are put into a group and half of them don’t care about the project at all or what grade they get.

This is college. If you don’t want to do the work that you’re given then you shouldn’t be here.  All you are doing is screwing over everyone else in your group who actually shows up and do work.

Some professors are becoming smart and including peer evaluations at the end of the project to see who contributed and who didn’t. I think this is smart because professors can use these evaluations to fix a student’s grade and make it reflect the actual work they put into the class.

Another thing that bothers me about group projects is that most of them can be done individually.

This bothers me because if I can do something by myself and get it done faster and not have to worry about matching my schedule with other people, then I’m going to want to do that. But alas, teamwork is so important in this day and age, so professors want to prepare us for the teams we may have to work on in our future careers.

Group projects obviously are not my favorite, but I see why we need to do them. I just wish professors would look more closely at what they are asking of the students and either make the group project something that requires a lot of people or set it up as assignments for each person to do individually. This would make assignments so much easier.

Professors even say most of the time that there is always one person in a group that slacks off. If this is the case, why do some professors give everyone the same grade in that group still? I don’t understand that logic, which is why group projects will always be my least favorite thing about college.


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