Pennies have power for student fundraiser

Nicole Creamer
Staff Writer


“The program decided to raise money for Doctors Without Borders,”

The Global Honors program was able to collect almost $300 to go to a worthy cause, thanks to loose change and charitable students.

The program decided to raise money for Doctors Without Borders by having members compete in Penny Wars. Students were divided into teams based on their year but freshmen were divided into their Freshmen Development Groups.

Each group got their own bucket labeled with their team name. Positive points were given to a team whenever pennies were placed into a team’s bucket, with each penny equaling a point. However, points were taken away if anything besides pennies were placed in the bucket, with the deducted points being equivalent to the coin’s value.

Doctors Without Borders is an organization that provides medical care to countries around the world. They assist with people that have been a part of a violent situation, who have been neglected, or even been through any type of catastrophe. The money people donate goes to getting medical supplies that help to save people’s lives.

“You don’t really get to see what your organization is all about until you really get together and do something that represents something bigger than yourself. Participating in the Penny Wars with Honors was one of those moments that really put everything into perspective for me,” Sierra Aichner, a sophomore Secondary Education English and Spanish major stated.  “I absolutely love being a part of honors programs for reasons like these. Everyone really chipped in and got in the spirit! I am so proud of what we have done together,”

For the Global Honors Program’s first time raising money for this organization, they collected more than their goal of $80 for a total of $294. This means that 74 injured individuals will get the antibiotics needed to fight any infections they have.

“It was honestly a craze. Once one person put in a lot of pennies than more people kept showing up, and the money kept coming in,” Sarah Filipski, a pre-physical therapy major and a Global Honors Program Student Associate Director stated.

Since the annual talent show takes up much of their attention in the fall semester, the program is hoping that they can continue Penny Wars every spring semester to make it an annual event. The only thing that would change yearly is the organization that receiving the donation.

“I was stunned to learn that the total amount raised was over 3.5 times more than our goal! I am very proud of Shelby Helwig for organizing the event and for all who participated in the program.” Said Jacqueline Whitling, Global Honors Director and a chemistry professor, mentioned.

As an incentive for the students, Professor Whitling had agreed to get pied in the face by Filipski if the fundraisers met their goal.

“I’m glad I like whip cream pie,” Whitling joked.

The program looks forward to seeing how everything comes together next year and if they can beat their goal once again.


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