Club of the week: Airsoft Club

Kate White
News Editor


Club Name: Airsoft Club

Club President: Nickolai Ayers (

Club Advisor: Michael Heck (

Club meetings: Wednesday at 7:30 P.M. Robinson Hall of Flags

About Airsoft Club:

lock%20haven%20airsoft%20club%20picture-2“If we can’t find a way, we will make one.”

The club meets once a week to discuss upcoming events, community outreach projects, fundraising and to have a great time hanging out. Every two weeks the clubs gets together at a field in town to play airsoft. The club is currently looking to go to some bigger events like Bad Blood in the future and to expand their involvement in the community. The club wants to find sponsors for future events as well. This club is a great way to relieve the stresses of school and work.

“I love airsoft club because it allows me to be me and we are such a close knit community that we are like family,” said Branden Zembower, a junior Secondary Mathematics major.

“This club helps me to stay sane during my crazy week and it keeps me on my toes,” said Nickolai Ayers, a sophomore Criminal Justice major.

“The club is family,” said Daniel Fitz, a senior Criminal Justice major.

“It helps me unwind after a long week of classes,” said Tyler Carney, a junior Physics major.


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